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Diamondweave Hat February 6, 2016

Diamondweave Hat20160205_172929

Not tight enough to be a beanie, yet not loose enough to be a slouch, Diamondweave Hat delivers highly textured diamonds that float over background purl stitches. As you know, “textured” means you’ll be moving a lot of stitches around, so be prepared. But the payoff is a beautifully patterned hat that has depth and drama.

Click on the link below for the free pattern pdf. Enjoy!

Diamondweave Hat


Hello world! April 30, 2010

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It’s time to post some of these patterns that are roiling around in my head.  So here comes the first one.

Check out some of my ideas and finished objects on Ravelry.  My username is nancyknit.


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