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Twice Recycled Lunch Bag September 16, 2012

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My knitting life hasn’t been great lately. I have been knitting a bit, but not as much as I want to. With my job being pretty all-consuming right now, I work all day and come home and sit on the couch trying to finish what I didn’t have time to do at work. UGH! I just want some needles in my hands! Feelin’ sorry for me yet? I hope so, but enough of that.

I do get hungry at work, and I wove a little lunch basket last year, but it has ended up being just too small for all the lunch I need to take to work (I’m hungry!). Enter thoughts about a market bag I wanted to knit. But why not just turn it into a lunch bag? Done! Leftover yarn from my “Look Twice” sweater, and it’s recycled yarn to boot, like being recycled twice!

Twice Recycled Bag

So here’s a free pattern for you. Please be a somewhat experienced knitter who knows terms like “kitchener” stitch, i-cord, etc. Hey, its a free pattern!


6 Responses to “Twice Recycled Lunch Bag”

  1. Verónica Says:

    I love it! It looks great and your color combination goes well together.


  2. Thanks for the free pattern. I’ll be adding this to my list of “must-makes”!


  3. Geraldine Says:

    very nice. I’d like one of these too. 🙂


  4. Very cute! I love bags… So I may have to add this pattern to my queue! 🙂


  5. Kelli Says:

    I seem to be unable to load this, it is saying that I am running acrobat, so it will not load, but I am not running acrobat. Help! Would love to try this pattern.


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