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Jackson Prairie Scarf January 28, 2012

I’ve been eyeing some stray skeins of bulky yarn in my stash.  What to do with them?  Hmmmm…how about a scarf, a crazy sort of scarf in garter stitch where I change yarn every row?  That sounds scrappy!  So here’s a scrappy end to end scarf called Jackson Prairie Scarf:

Jackson Prairie Scarf

Here’s the pattern:

Scarf Size:  72” long and 6½” wide


Bulky Yarns in at least 6 colors.  I used Reynolds Lopi in Dark Green, Deep Purple, Gold (leftover from a sweater I knit in 1987!) and Light Heathered Purple (the bands were long gone…I’m not sure what color name they really are), Kraemer Mauch Chunky Rhubarb (bright pink, from my LYS Knitting Today-check out the links), and something bulky with a little shine running through it that I got at a garage sale for $1.00.

Circular Needles, size 11, 29 inches long


Cast on 180 stitches. Cut the yarn, leaving a 6” tail (15 cm).  Choose another color, starting the row by leaving a yarn tail, knit one row, cutting yarn at the end of the row and leaving another 6” (15cm) tail.  Continue knitting every row with a different colored yarn, leaving a yarn tail at the beginnings and ends of rows.  Work for 38 rows, remembering to change yarn color every row and leaving a yarn tail.  Bind off all stitches, leaving a yarn tail at the beginning and end.  See below for fringe directions.

Make a fringe by tying three tails together close to the scarf.  Then tie a simple knot in the end of each tail to give each tail a little bit of weight.  After you’ve finished the fringe, feel free to wrap around your neck and stay warm.  Enjoy!

(p.s.  The hat is an entirely different story.  Stay tuned!)


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