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Nine Patch Mitered Square Blanket March 7, 2011

I continue to work on this blanket in a mitered square. I originally was going to use only superwash worsted scraps for this blanket, but once I got started and decided to make my own pattern, I decided I should BUY yarn for it! But I haven’t bought that much, and I’m waiting on some more superwash at my fabulous LYS: Knitting Today! Check it out in my links!
You can buy the pattern for just $1.00 on Ravelry!


2 Responses to “Nine Patch Mitered Square Blanket”

  1. lea-ann Says:

    On pins and needles waiting for that superwash shipment and also can’t wait for the progress on your blanket 🙂 — Lea-Ann


  2. A. Warped, Knitter Says:

    That is such a great – and practical – project can’t wait to see it finished.


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